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GLPP Site Updates 1/18/14

We’ve added a few new details to GLPP you may find useful.


Sara working on a mass rocket heater in the bioshelter she built with the help of a roving community of folks.

First, two new PDCs have been listed on the calendar. One provided by This Land in Ohio, as well as one from The Madison Area Permaculture Guild in, you guessed it, Madison Wisconsin. The Madison Area Permaculture Guild has also been added to the community groups page.

We added a calendar with upcoming community Meetup events to the footer of each page, as well as more pictures across the site.

On the Online Resources page we added, a trove of valuable videos including a recent walk through of Eric Toensmeier’ and Johnathon Bates’ property in urban Massachusetts. We also added the .pdf: “Profitable Farms and Woodlands: a Practical Guide in Agroforestry for Landowners, Farmers and Ranchers” thanks to the recommendation of our contributor from the north, Levi Meeuwenberg.

Also, we have been working on finding a good way to promote people and groups working in Detroit, many of which do not have a large web presence. For now, we added a few articles about Perma Detroit and Sara Swor, as well as others working in the area.

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