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Jesse and Milton talk community design

Jesse Tack is Founder of Whole Culture Repair, Co-founder of Aurora Design Solutions, and co-founder of Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsilanti. He recently sat down for a Conversation with Milton as part of an ongoing video project. Here are a few of their thoughts on community design process.

Jesse: Socially where my head’s at – we in Ypsi here and Washtenaw County I would say – we have a wide diversity of people  interested in sustainability, or interested in building, as Charles Eisenstein would say, ‘building the better world that we know is possible.’

Lots of people are interested in that. From all walks of life, with all interests, with all skill sets. How do we intelligently design people together to accomplish that? In a way that we are not repeating each others mistakes, we’re not overdoing each others jobs.

Milton: There’s a lot of information sharing that needs to be done as far as that goes. And it’s going to take time too. It’s not just something were going to pour out of the box and we’re ready to go! We’re going to have to go through iterations, you know, we’re going to have to try some stuff out, and say ‘that works only in this situation’ or ‘that doesn’t work at all’ or  ‘we should have been cautious about this aspect of it.’ We’re really going to have to work through it.

It’s a process.

Jesse: It is a process. And I think it’s a process of action, but also feedback. So we don’t want to overly design it on paper, and just think and think and think and develop all these structures that we think sound cool. We want to pick something that seems reasonable and move forward, and then go ‘Okay, what worked and what didn’t work.’ We need to hear from everyone on that, it can’t be the designer in the high chair going, ‘Oh this is how it shall be.’It has to emerge from the people participating in the social experience…”

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