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GL Permaculture Portal Recent Updates 3/4/14

A bit of a change to the menu! I moved the submissions page from being a sub item on the “about” menu to have it’s own button on the main page. We hope this encourages more people to submit links to their projects, community groups, and events. Also the online resources page was split into two pages, one for “Webpages and articles” and one for “Video and Audio.” Added permaculture resources to both pages. To the video and audio page, added a number of resources, including suggestions from Monica and Jesse.

permaculture design finds uses for all elements

Sycamore with seed balls. The sap is drinkable but quite a bit is needed for syrup.

The paragraph font has been increased to improve ease of reading. Also installed a new Plugin, Graceful Pull Quote, to create a more aesthetically pleasing reading experience.

There are new blogs on the Other Blogs page! Dana’s the Druid’s Garden and Realeyes Homestead.

Added a new flyer for the upcoming Pierce Cedar Creek PDC.

To the Local Sources page, DIRT the Healthy Soil Project, a composting operation in Detroit, has been added.

Added two further reaching convergences to the events calendar. The 12th International Permaculture Convergence is being held in September of 2015 in the UK. The North American Permaculture Convergence will be held from August 29-31 at Harmony Park in Grove City, MN.

We continue to add events to the calendar, including The Midwest Beginning Grape Growers workshop in Wisconsin Bells, WI and Mark Shepard’s Restoration Agriculture Workshop at Sun Dappled Farms in Elmwood, IL. Also there is the 2014 Sustainable Urban Gardening with Hydroponics Classes put on by DUST and the United Peace Relief’s Veterans Greenhouse & Bus Project coming up and it will be added as more details become available.


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