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Great Lakes Bio-region: Behind the Scenes at GLPP

As co-designers of GLPP, we (Milton and Bryan) Skype to discuss developments in our design. Here’s a portion on how we define the bio-region and a little bit of thinking ahead.

Bryan & Milton SkypeMilton: What are we using as the bio-region? Basically the watershed for the Great Lakes?

Bryan: Yeah. The definition is – I wrote it somewhere on the site – is something like “anything within the great-lakes bio-region plus like a hundred miles out.”

Milton: Haa, okay.

Bryan: It’s really hard when you’re covering this tiny piece of Wisconsin or this tiny piece of Illinois when there’s so much more that people would find useful. But they’re just a little outside.  So the example is, Kinstone and New Forest Farm

Milton: Right

Bryan: They’re not quite in the technical in the watershed.

Milton: But its a resource for the watershed.

Bryan: Exactly, exactly, and it’s politically connected, which you have to look at as well. That’s one of the other ways of separating. It’s not naturally defined by water, but it’s defined by area. And Issues that affect one person in that area are going to affect other people in that area.

Milton: Yeah

Bryan: Cause, I mean, there’s other things we could look at it and say “Oh we’re going to define it by the oak savanna biome” Well wait a minute – we just increased our area by like half the country.

Milton: Yeah, no, that’s a little outrageous.

Bryan: Yeah, it’s trying to be inclusive without being too large. I think going around that “If you’re within spittin’ distance from the watershed, we’ll put you in there,” definition seems to work.

Milton: Yeah I’ve got a friend that does permaculture in Pittsburgh.

Bryan: Okay, yeah, they would be included [Now included]. We might not cover all of Pennsylvania and New York, because the eastern areas start falling under the Northeast Permaculture range.

Milton: There’ll be a bit of overlap.

Bryan: Yeap, and the other part is to keep the pages manageable, we’ll subdivide regions as we add more groups. So we might end up having a “Pennsylvania” as a choice, or “Ohio,” you know?

Milton: Yeah

Bryan: And that might be the easiest way to actually do the subdivision, but we’ll figure that out as we need to. Let’s not put a format on before we know.

Milton: Yeah, definitely, look at the patterns, and the form will present itself.

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