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Knowledge Sharing: Newsletter #2

 Every other Thursday the GLPP staff puts out a newsletter to keep people current on happenings in the bio-region. Here we have published the content of Newsletter #2, sent out Feb. 20th 2014, where we talk about knowledge sharing and some of the subjects we are interested in right now. We’ll publish newsletter content periodically so people can see what we’re sending out. Subscribe on the right to receive the newsletter straight in your inbox!

Permaculture Knowledge Sharing in the Great Lakes Bio-Region

As you may have seen being discussed in Jesse and Milton talk Community Design, info sharing is a major part of developing resiliency within communities. By doing so, we collectively develop cohesive design. Additionally, it saves energy and time because we don’t repeat the same mistakes others have already made.

Turkeys are known for knowledge sharing, but Ben Franklin never was convinced they should be the american symbol
We continue our slow and steady design process, and would like to invite others to share their knowledge with the broader community. If you have an article or interview of your own that you would like to share with the community, let us know. We will work with you to develop a web ready format, host it and promote it. Alternatively, if there is something you don’t know about but would like to, let us know and we’ll work on it, or find someone who already does.

We are primarily interested in skill, technique, and knowledge of natural systems for use in the Great Lakes Bio-region. For example some topics we are currently working on/interested in:

  • the basics of design – what are those first steps you took? What mistakes did you learn from?
  • garden planning – what are you planting this year, why, and how is it laid out?
  • wetlands management – zoning, regulation, what can one do, and what have people done?
  • social permaculture – how to organize people and create the structures that, in turn, create the designs and systems we need for the future – interviews with the people behind local permaculture community groups on what their community is up to and how they came to be.
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