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Wood Culture Renaissance: The Economy and Reverence of Trees

Mark Angelini is an ecological designer, green woodworker, forager, and fermenter living and working in southeast Michigan. He promotes and establishes edible and ecological landscapes with Roots to Fruits, LLC, teaches about wild foods through Eat Here Now, and produces hand carved spoons and other woodcraft, which he sells through Quercus Woodcraft. He is also […]

Bryce Ruddock’s Mature Homescale Forest Garden, GLPPodcast

Bryce Ruddock, co-author of the forthcoming Integrated Forest Gardening: the Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems, due out in August, sat down with Milton Dixon. In this first segment, Bryce describes some of the food systems he has established in the past 30 years on his 1/6 of an acre suburban forest […]

Bringing Hazelnut Production to a Farm Near You!

Hazelnut Bush

Casey Dahl is the owner/operator of Feral Farm, a permaculture based agroforestry farm in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Feral Farm grows ecosystems of nuts, fruits, and livestock that mimic the natural plant communities of Wisconsin.This winter Casey got the chance to attend the Upper-Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative’s (UMHDI) annual conference in Gays Mills, Wisconsin.  The two day […]

Growing more with fewer paths, keyhole garden by R. Jamrok

Randall Jamrok's intensive keyhole garden design

Randall Jamrok is an educator, designer, and permaculturist. He currently is a garden leader with Gardeneers, a Chicago area nonprofit. He received his permaculture training through Midwest Permaculture and Sepp Holzer. He was a presenter at the International Permaculture convergence in Cuba and is author of the booklet “Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change,” based on […]

Diving into Aquaponics with Joshua Shultz of Cedar Creek Permaculture

Michigan Aquaponics System

Joshua Shultz is a futurist, the founder, owner, and operator of Cedar Creek Permaculture in Delton Michigan. As a sophomore at Western Michigan University he interned at at Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI) in The Bahamas. After graduating with a bachelors in business management and environmental science, he returned to CEI as the Permaculture Manager and […]

Kristine Beck of Kinstone: Toward the Future by Connecting with the Past

Kinstone Yurt and Tepee

Out of the morning mist in the driftless region rise a circle of monolithic stones. Who built them? How did they come to be here? Kristine Beck is the founder of Kinstone and directs the operations of Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture. Here she shares more about how this project was started and the development […]

Michigan’s Geoecology

Michigans state fossil

Michigan’s geology was shaped through a series of events. The changes in geology shaped the formation of Michigan’s ecology. The interaction of the two is the geoecology. Michigan’s landmass is partially comprised of one of the early continents. Some of this rock can be seen around Marquette, where it was forced upward after the formation […]

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