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What We Do (Knowledge Sharing)

value the marginalThe Great Lakes Permaculture Portal (GLPP) is a resource guide for regenerative living in the Great Lakes bio-region.

GLPP connects people to permaculture related events, communities, and learning opportunities in the Great Lakes bio-region. We provide website content and a regular email newsletter.

The Great Lakes bio-region is defined as the watersheds that drain into, and fill the Great Lakes. It contains all Michigan, as well as parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York and Canada. Over 30 million people live in this area, almost 10 million of them in Michigan alone!

Our goal is to help enhance knowledge sharing and community building by providing a hub to connect you to the resources you need! In the long run, because biomes are not dictated by watershed alone, we’ll include some of the congruent areas. Already, we list PDCs slightly out of the bio-region.

knowledge sharing about polycultures

We hope you find the calendar of upcoming events, list of community groups, active designers and educators, local permaculture blogs, and upcoming PDCs at least handy, if not handsome.

We also provide a number of resources for development of regenerative communities and landscapes across the bio-region. Be sure to check out Brad Davies’ Raising Quail for Meat and Eggs. We also host a starting list for growing for your needs in the bio-region. These resources and tools will be updated regularly, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! You’ll stay informed on all of the updates as well as upcoming events in the region.

There is also a collection of online resources divided by learning style, websites and articles, as well as videos and audio. These resources serve as  introduction to permaculture, as well as specific information to help our journey toward regenerative living in the bio-sphere. Enjoy!

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