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The permaculture design certificate (PDC) course is a comprehensive  immersion into the fundamentals of permaculture design methodology. Choosing the right PDC is a unique process for each permaculturist. Below the calendar of design courses is a list of offerings for PDCs and advanced learning degrees within the Greater bio-region (Courses in Michigan highlighted in Orange):

Green Triangle

2015 Cleveland, OH: 7 weekends Feb 14 – Apr 19

Kinstone Academy

2015 Fountain City, WI: Aug 5-16

Midwest Permaculture

2015 Stelle, IL Food Growing Emphasis: Feb. 21-28

2015 Stelle, IL: May 2-9

2015 Pierce Cedar Creek, MI: May 30 – Jun 6

Permaculture Activist

see Green Triangle, the Resiliency Institute and Sheltering Hills

Permaculture Productions

2015-2016 Ann Arbor, MI: Educators PDC 4 hrs/mo for 2yrs

PRI Southwoods Permaculture

Prior Lake, MN PDC: July 11-21

Prior Lake, MN: One weekend every other month May-Dec

The Resiliency Institute

2015 Naperville, IL: 3 weekends in Oct.

Sheltering Hills

2015 Layfette, IN: May 24 – June 4


Cincinnati, OH: 3 1/2 Weekends – Feb. 27-Mar 1, Mar. 6- 8, 15, 20-22

University of Cincinnati, OH: Part 1: Feb. 6-8, 20-22; Part 2: May 29-31, Jun 6-7

Three Sisters Farm

2015 Sandy Lake, PA: Aug. 3-15

Whole System Designs (with Root2Fruits) (VT)

2015 Vermont Applied PDC: July 10-19

2015 Vermont Applied PDC: Aug. 21-30

If you know of another PDC course in the Great Lakes bioregion, please submit a request to be added with dates, location, and contact information.

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