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Video and audio permaculture resources focused around the great lakes and temperate climate with examples from other areas as well.


  • Shorts

Forest Gardening with Robert Hart

Look Up! The Billion Bug Highway you Can’t See

Wood Stove Hot Water Heating: Report 3 Winters In – Ben Falk

City of the Future, Village Homes Davis California


Water is Life – the Water Retention Landscape of Tamera

Mark Shepard on Restoration Agriculture

  • TED Talks

How to Green the World’s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change  – Allan Savory

The Resilient Farm and Homestead – Ben Falk

How to Restore a Rainforest – Willie Smits

  • Site Tours

Krameterhof – Joseph Holzer

Miracle Farms – Cazaville, Quebec – Stefan Sobkowiak

PRI Zaytuna (Part 1) (Part 2) – Geoff Lawton

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre – Robyn Francis

Martin Crawford’s Forest Garden (Part 1)(Part 2)

Greening the Desert (2012 Tree Tour) -Geoff Lawton

  • Courses

Will Hookers NCSU Introduction to Permaculture Class

Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series

  • Lectures

Mark Shepard explaining his Restoration Agriculture System – recorded by PJ Chieml

Eliot Coleman presentation on 4 seasons growing in temperate climate

Eric Toensmeier on Regenerative Farming Methods

Toby Hemingway on Redesigning Civilization with Permaculture

Ben Falk on Homestead and Farm Resiliency: Adaptive Land and Infrastructure Systems for a Changing World

Ben Falk on 10 Years in a Cold Climate, Resilience & Regeneration: Principles in Practice

Allan Savory on Agriculture and Climate Change Lecture at Harvard Law School

  • Documentaries

Lessons of the Loess Plateau



  • Podcasts

The Permaculture Podcast

Permaculture Voices Podcast

The Survival Podcast

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