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Who We Are

The Great Lakes Permaculture Portal is a collaboration of a number of folks across the bio-region. Here’s a little more about who we are.


C. Milton Dixon is a permaculturist, musician, forager, and web designer. Having just moved to Ann Arbor from Chicago he is looking to sync with the rhythm of permaculture in his new location. He is a professional permaculture teacher and designer, having taken a PDC with Midwest Permaculture and a teacher training course with David Jacke. The founder of Permaculture Productions, he has taught PDCs with Midwest Permaculture and The Permaculture Project and was an organizer for the Chicagoland Permaculture Guild while living in Chicago. Jesse and Milton Talk Community Design. Defining the Great Lakes Bio-region. Permaculture at the 2014 MREA Energy Fair.


Bryan D. Mets is living and starting a forest farm in Ray, Michigan, just north of Detroit. He received his PDC from Mark Shepard at New Forest Farms in Viola, Wisconsin. Further design education includes short courses with Peter Bane and Keith Johnson, Sepp Holzer, and Eric Toensmeier. A graduate of Michigan State University in Biochemistry (B.S.) and English (B.A.), he has taught and lectured across Michigan, and was a lead organizer for the Inaugural Michigan Permaculture Convergence, as well as the South Michigan Perma-Mixer. A bio-regionalist, he is dedicated to the development of regenerative landscapes across the Great Lakes region. He is a member of the Michigan Nut Growers Association. Michigan’s Geoecology. Defining the Great Lakes Bio-region. Raising Quail For Meat and Eggs E-book. Growing Michigan Nuts – MNGA.


Levi Meeuwenberg of Realeyes Homestead – Homesteader and Parkour professional in Traverse City. Obtained his PDC from Geoff Lawton. He writes about his site at the Realeyes Homestead website, where he also maintains a list of folks in Northwest Michigan. Pigs and Pasture Development.


Mark AngeliniWood Culture Renaissance: The Economy and Reverence of Trees.

Peter Bane – PINA. The Growth of Permaculture – Peter Bane.

Kristine Beck – Founder of Kinstone and Kinstone Academy. Toward the Future by Connecting with the Past.

Russ Bedford – Creator and director of the Flint Seed Democracy. Community Seed Saving and Safe Seed Sources with Russ Bedford.

PJ Chmeil – Graphic designer and initiator of Van-Kal Permaculture. Aggradation Barrens, PJ Chmiel’s Food Forest & Restoration Project.

Youssef Darwich – Student at GVSU. Companion Planting, Water Harvesting and Soil Building: Sustainable Agriculture at GVSU.

Brad Davies – Lives and teaches in Clarkston, MI. His focus has been on homescale animal systems to meet protein needs. Obtained his PDC from Geoff Lawton. Raising Quail For Meat and Eggs E-book. Maple Syrup Season Part 2.

Randall Jamrok – Garden leader for Gardeneers in Chicago. Growing More with Fewer Paths, Keyhole Garden.

Jeremy Kenward – Co-founder of Wild Earth Detroit. Maple Syrup Season Part 1.

Bryce Ruddock – Co-author of Integrated Forest Gardening. Bryce Ruddock’s Mature Homescale Forest Garden, GLPPodcast. Plant guilds and site design with Bryce Ruddock GLPPodcast #2.

Joshua Shultz – Founder of Cedar Creek Permaculture in Delton MI. Diving into Aquaponics

Jesse Tack – Founder of Whole Culture Repair and co-founder of AMPY. Jesse and Milton Talk Community Design.

Wayne Weiseman – Founder of the Permaculture Project LLC and co-founder of Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture. Getting into Design.


Levi Meeuwenberg and Nick Bathum for their input on a earlier iteration of the GLPP design.

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